Field Trips

  • Pima County Public Library
  • Tucson Village Farm
  • Popcorn Country
  • Wells Fargo
  • Big Heart Coffee​
  • Hermitage Cat Shelter

Outings into the community allow students to engage with potential employers, practice professional skills and interactions, and shadow employees. 

These are some of the businesses that have opened their doors to WorkAbility students.


We have added various training stations to our program! These will help our members explore their interests, as well as help us assess their job skills: 

Janitorial - which is cleaning various surfaces, sweeping, mopping, and more
Office Assistant - includes filing, copying, and answering phones
Courtesy Clerk - students learn bagging groceries and customer service
​Laundry - separating clothes, operating machines, and folding

Restaurant -  which is rolling cutlery, busing and setting a table
Cashier - making change and calculating sales tax

We hope to add a coffee, food handling and safety, and a garden station later this year. We are thrilled about the upcoming year and seeing where our members find employment!


  • The Starting Line for Employment is a 20 week curriculum class for transition age students (usually ages 18-24) who have graduated from high school and would like to enter the work force. This curriculum is offered in the fall and spring and teaches students about job expectations, professionalism, proper work attire, communication, and much more.
  • 8 week Summer program that covers a condensed version of the curriculum for students still attending high school, but over the age of 16.  The focus is on job exploration and self-determination.
  • The Employment Workshop is a rotating 10 week series, geared towards individuals that have prior work experience, are wanting to brush up on soft skills, or are returning to the workforce after a long period of unemployment. The workshops are more discussion based and adult themed, but cover similar topics as the transition age class


  • Blue Moon Scrapbooking
  • Big Heart Coffee​
  • Hermitage Cat Shelter
  • ​Children's Clinic
  • ​ASSA
  • ​​​Food Conspiracy Co-op
  • ​​​Pawsitively Cats
  • ​Community Food Bank
  • ​Abbie School
  • UCPSA  
  • The Garden Kitchen 
  • Linkages
  • Popcorn Country 
  • ​Peaceful Spirit Massage
  • Salvation Army
  • SunVan
  • SayWells Design
  • Wells Fargo
  • Caridad Community Kitchen
  • Point of Grace Dance Studio 
  • ​BIA Electric

Guest speakers provide access to employers, employment tips, and networking opportunities. Here are some of the guest speakers that have graced our program!

  • Olive Garden 
  • Sprouts Farmers Market 
  • University of Arizona 
  • Raim & Associates
  • Humane Society
  • Handi-Dogs 
  • ​Hermitage Cat Shelter

Field trips  &  Internships

Starting line for employment Classes, Workshops and collaborations