​​​​​​​​It's Fall! Classes have started and we are gearing up for the next round of Family Mixers and our Entrepreneurship event.

​Family Mixers are Workability's way of providing  transition resources to the community. We have had an array of topics such as: Disclosure - Advantages and Disadvantages, Interview Strategies, Guardianship, ABLE Trusts, Disability 101 and Social Security Benefits, General Transition Information, and many more.

We have mixers throughout the year highlighting experts from the field to share their knowledge and provide one on one attention for advocates, parents, and professionals.

​Our next Mixer will be on Adaptive Technology on November 14th 2017. More to come in the next month or so!


The 20 Week Transition class will be practicing their entrepreneurship skills and selling WorkAbility's gourmet popcorn at the Rillito Farmers Market on Sunday November 19th. This bi-annual project allows the students to utilize the soft skills they have been learned in class in a community setting. Students are required to introduce themselves and the product they are selling. Before the event, students research how much to charge for the product and how to market their wares. ​

Come join us for delicious popcorn and bottle cap jewelry at this year's WorkAbility Entrepreneurship event at the Rillito Famer's Market

The Long Reality Cares Foundation awarded WorkAbility a grant to fund new computers and technology which will be used for assessments, online applications and research, resume building, and tech skills. We believe that technology is one of the many ways in which job seekers stay "connected" and gain access to jobs. This year Long Reality Cares Foundation has provided some funding toward new equipment and supplies for our new space that we will be moving into next year!

We are honored and pleased that Long Reality Cares Foundation has funded the WorkAbility program four years in a row and attribute our success to their support of our philosophy and vision.

Long Reality Cares Foundation is a non - profit organization, which offers "the promise of hope to those who need shelter, sustenance and comfort in Southern AZ communities in which we work and live."  

Job Exploration Sites 

Workability is always looking for more chances for our students to explore real-world employment options in the community.  One way that we do this is by initiating partnerships with businesses and organizations that are willing to support the exploration of our job seekers.  We are currently partnering with the Hermitage Cat Shelter, Live Theatre Workshop, The Community Food Bank, Desert Survivors, and others, to host regular visits by our students.  These outings will allow job seekers to have hands-on experience in a number of different industries, which helps assure an informed employment search.    

Awarded Long Reality Cares Foundation 2017

2017 NEWS