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Parent Testimonial

Thanks to a great VR Counselor, WorkAbility has just discovered an amazing resource for people who made need assistance driving. Driving To Independence offers a number of services, including "Driver Evaluation, Training, Vehicle Assessment and Recommendations".  They have served people here in Tucson, in Tempe, and in New Mexico for over sixteen years. For more information visit their website or call their toll free number (855) 449-3331. 

The Long Reality Cares Foundation awarded WorkAbility a grant to fund new computers and technology which will be used for assessments, online applications and research, resume building, and tech skills. We believe that technology is one of the many ways in which job seekers stay "connected" and gain access to jobs. We are honored and pleased that Long Reality Cares Foundation has funded the WorkAbility program three years in a row and attribute our success to their support of our philosophy and vision.

Long Reality Cares Foundation is a non - profit organization, which offers "the promise of hope to those who need shelter, sustenance and comfort in Southern AZ communities in which we work and live."  

"We are the proud parents of a son with a disability. He was diagnosed at an early age with Autism. He required a lot of assistance and attention to get through high school. He was not able to get through college and found himself looking for employment. We quickly learned how difficult it is to find a person with disabilities gainful
employment. We filled out dozens of job applications for various entry level jobs. Often times he would get an interview but not get hired. I am convinced that once he arrived at the interview the employer recognized his that "something just isn't right with this kid." He failed repeatedly to land a job. He really wanted to find a job, earn some money, and be independent. I had read that 80% of young people with some sort of disability are unable to find a job and live with their parents well into their 30's.
We ultimately began the process to get him signed up for services through the State of Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES). They provided some assistance in preparing a resume, job interview
skills, and assessed his ability to work both physically and mentally. The process was lengthy and took several months to complete. They ultimately contacted the WorkAbility at UCP of Southern Arizona to help him find a job. I really didn’t understand what role WorkAbility played in the process. I had always noticed that several major businesses hired folks with various disabilities but had no idea how to get my foot in the door. I
quickly realized that through outreach and personal relationships with business, organizations like WorkAbility contacted employers who were willing to hire adults with disabilities.
Shortly after meeting the team at WorkAbility, our son found a job as s dishwasher. It was his first real job ever. WorkAbility assisted with the entire process by helping with the job interview, provided numerous on
site job coaching sessions and acted as a liaison between the employer and our son. After two weeks on the job the employer chose to let my son go.  I recall getting the phone call from WorkAbility and listening to the news.
Nobody really understood all of the reasons why this happened. We were all crushed. My son was devastated. I remember him saying, 'I can't even keep a job as a dishwasher, now what am I going to do'.
The team at UCP didn't give up and remained positive and focused.  A short time later they found him a job at Sprouts Farmers Market as a courtesy clerk. They again supplied many hours of job coaching, with their help
he successfully completed his 90 day probationary period.  We felt confident enough about his continued employment that we helped him get his own apartment nearby.  I can't express how proud, independent and
confident our son has become.
We are all very thankful for all of the special people at WorkAbility. They are truly special, caring people dedicating to helping those in need. I am convinced that without their help our son would still be struggling
to find a job."

Parent - Ewan Wright

Job Exploration Sites 

Local Resource!

Workability is always looking for more chances for our students to explore real-world employment options in the community.  One way that we do this is by initiating partnerships with businesses and organizations that are willing to support the exploration of our job seekers.  We are currently partnering with the Hermitage Cat Shelter, Live Theatre Workshop, The Community Food Bank, Desert Survivors, and others, to host regular visits by our students.  These outings will allow job seekers to have hands-on experience in a number of different industries, which helps assure an informed employment search.    

Awarded Long Reality Cares Foundation 2016

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