Career Exploration

  • Discovering employment interests
  • Understanding work ethic and professionalism
  • Job shadowing and learning what a job requires
  • Meeting and talking to businesses
  • Interviewing skills and strategies 

Supported Education

  • ​Assisting in enrolling and registering for school
  • Finding certification programs in the area of interests
  • Support during the education process and monitoring performance
  • Assistance in registering with the Disability Resource Center for accommodations

Eligibility Criteria

 Must have:

  • An understanding of what employment means
  • A desire to be employed
  • Transportation to and from program and work sites
  • Ability to be safe to self and others
  • Ability to be independent in the classroom
  • Have funding through the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), or able to privately pay

Goals of WorkAbility

 We aim to:

  • Provide diverse work sites for people with disabilities to experience professional relationships within an employment setting
  • Advocate for people with disabilities to obtain meaningful and sustainable employment
  • Educate the community and business partners the importance of employment for people with disabilities
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local and corporate businesses

Peer Mentorship
Mentoring builds self determination skills and esteem. It provides opportunity for students to learn skills that will help them become independent and reach employment. Students are encouraged to use their peer mentoring experiences on their resumes. 
  • Special Projects - Attending job fairs or transition fairs
  • Office skills
  • Newspaper/Website projects
  • Taking and editing pictures
  • Getting activities together for the Starting Line for Employment Classes 
  • Assisting fellow students and teachers
 Job Development
  • Assessments and Interest tests
  • Interview Strategies
  • Resume building and updating
  • Job Searching and networking
  • Preparing for and completing applications
  • Provide guidance and direction towards employment goals
  • Person Centered Employment Plans
  • Regular and consistent employment readiness sessions

 Job Coaching

  • Job site supports
  • Liason between employers and WorkAbility members
  • Supports available up to a year after WorkAbility member is hired
  • Regular check in's and reviews with the team
  • Educate and support employers 




We have the following contracts with Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration and Division of Developmental Disabilities.

DDD (Division of Developmental Disabiliities)

If you like to apply for services from DDD call (520) 745-5588 and speak with someone about an intake interview.

ISE (Individualized Supportive Employment)

TTE (Transition to Employment) - 16 yrs and older

RSA (AZ Rehabilitation Services Administration):

400 W Congress St Ste 420, Tucson, AZ 85701 

Downtown (520) 628-6810

DRES (Disability Related Employment Services)

Exploration & Supported Education

Starting Line For Employment Classes Cover 

  • Interest and Skill Assessments 
  • Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy
  • Stranger Danger on the job, Transportation, and Communication at work
  • Attitude, Enthusiasm, Positive Work Behaviors, and Teamwork
  • ​Appearance, Professionalism, and Self-Care
  • ​Applications, Resumes, Interview Strategies, and Networking
  • ​Independent Living, Sustainability, and Budgeting
  • ​Disability Benefits 101
  • Job Exploration and Placements...many more!​